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Diaphragm valve

Plastic diaphragm valve,pneumatic diaphragm valve,lined ptfe diaphragm valve,rubber diaphragm valve,Electric diaphragm valve,Sanitary diaphragm valve


Pov valve® is specialized manufacturer of diaphragm valve in China.With over 15 years' efforts, our company was widely recognized in diaphragm valve industry. Pov was granted "ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification", "Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001", "ISO14001 Environment Management Certification" "CE Certification" and "SIL Certification".

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Diaphragm valve

Diaphragm valve control methods include: manual diaphragm valve, pneumatic diaphragm valve, electric diaphragm valve. Material: plastic diaphragm valve, sanitary diaphragm valve, rubber-lined diaphragm valve, fluorine-lined diaphragm valve

3000+ Sucessful Projects

As one of the leading diaphragm valve manufacturer, our valve is Low-cost, efficient and customer-oriented. we know that value and trust are the ingredients of a quality relationship and that they are valued more than a single order.

Our Advantages

>> China has the world's richest Foundry and lower laber cost which is why we can provide high quality and lowest price valve.
>> We have set up a local office in Saudi Arabia to facilitate the purchase of local Retailer.
>> Have skilled technical engineers to provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support.

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If you have import experience, we still encourage you to import directly from our factory in China, you will get a FOB price. We look forward to being your long-term supplier. We are happy to send out everything you need, we are happy to help you.

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We are committed to providing the best control valve for user in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf market.

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