Name: Sanitary tank bottom diaphragm valve
Specification: DN15~DN80
1. Product certification: ISO9001, CE, CCC
2. Valve body material: 316/316L
3. Drive type: pneumatic control (normally open, normally closed, double-acting)
4 .Maximum working temperature: 150℃
5. Ambient temperature: -10℃~60℃
6. Maximum working pressure: 10bar
7. Drive mode: Manual
8. Sealing material: PTFE, Nitrile non-toxic rubber
9. Applicable medium :EPDM-steam, PTFE-water, water, medicine, oil, steam, neutral gas or liquid, dairy products, organic solvents, acid-base solvents, etc.
10. Widely used: food, pharmaceuticals, beer, beverages, biological engineering, water treatment.

The working principle of the sanitary tank bottom diaphragm valve: The diaphragm provides the valve body seal and the valve seat seal. There is no path inside to the outside environment, so the valve is suitable for aseptic processes. When the valve is closed, the pressure pad supporting the diaphragm moves toward the sealing surface on the valve body. When the pressure plate moves, the diaphragm bends and is forced to push to the valve seat area in the center of the valve body, thus closing the fluid path to the valve body. The relationship between the valve body and the pressure plate prevents the diaphragm from being squeezed. The valve can be operated manually or pneumatically, or controlled by a controller and solenoid valve.


Model A S B T D H
DN15 90 6 19 1.5 90 92
DN20 90 6 23 1.5 90 102
DN25 120 6 29 1.5 90 102
DN32 160 6 35 1.5 90 102
DN40 160 6 41 1.5 114 115
DN50 200 6 53 1.5 114 124

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