Application shows that

T一 type valve body is welded to a circular tube in a liquid or pure water system. This technique can be used for sampling or water use without a dead Angle.In addition, according to the requirements of the process, the mixing of two media can also be carried out. It is important that the seal of the t-type valve should be as close to the main pipe as possible.

Product features

· The structure is simple and the valve is installed with minimal space.
· According to the installation position, the valve can realize the non-dead Angle and automatic discharge.
· Valves can be used for CIPISIP process and can be sterilized at high temperature
. The finish of the body surface can be mechanically or electrically polished according to the customer’s requirements
. The polishing degree can be up to 0.25 mu m.
· The valve’s internal structure allows the valve to achieve maximum flow.
· All common standard interfaces can be provided such as welding joint, clamp interface,etc.
· The standard material for the valve body is 1.4435/316L, but also provides the required alloy material according to the customer’s requirements.
· Can provide manual, pneumatic, electric actuator

T type valve or u-type valve (zero Angle valve)

1 water point seat
Installation Suggestions: S3 mouth down

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