EPDM diaphragm piece

EPDM is a kind of diaphragm material specially developed.In the middle,the layer of vulcanized fiber enhances its mechanical strength and is always made into a membrane system. The structure of the diaphragm has high stability when temperature rise and pressure in crease.In addition, the reinforced fiber layer is hardened on the embedded stainless steel bolt to ensure that elastic rubber and metal can be linked better.Therefore,EPDM diaphragm is more suitable for use in a vacuum.


PTFE(PTFE)diaphragm has high anti-chemical corrosion, high stability,good elasticity, long life, high fatality, no cold deformation;And excellent performance not affected by temperature fluctuation, whether it is heat cycle, cold cycle, or steam sterilization system.

Ma10-20 specification diaphragm

The diaphragm of the MA10 specification is usually designed to be monolithic, and PTFE is glued to the back of EPDM. The diaphragm is always made into a membrane system.This single-chip diaphragm has a small surface area,which is suitable for the short stroke valve and has excellent operation Canon, which is suitable for the high frequency of opening and closing frequency, such as filling.
MA10 specifications of the diaphragm by elastic rubber buttons and valve actuator connection ,MA20 specifications of the diaphragm is through the embedded stainless steel studs is connected to the valve actuator, to eliminate the diaphragm single point in the center of the strong force,so as to prolong the service life of diaphragm piece.

MA 10—80 10—20 25—80
Design form single-chip
membrane system open
membrane system open
Two type
membrane system close
Temperature —40~150* —20~150 —20~160

MA25 to MA80 specification diaphragm

The diaphragm of MA25 to MA80 specification is two separate types,consisting of a single PTFE and a piece of EPDM. EPDMis supported on the back and the diaphragm is always made in o a film closure. The diaphragm design is a bit is that when the valve is closed,the diaphragm is in the normal shapeand body sealing , thereby significantly reducing the stress of the diaphragm, prolong the service life of the diaphragm.
For the two separate PTFE diaphragm,is stainless steel cylinder head bolts are embedded in the PTFE diaphragm.n order to eliminate the single point force of the diaphragm center, the flexible diaphragm suspension structure is used to connect the valve actuator.

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