GMP SAP diaphragm valve

Product introduction

The design of the welded sectional diaphragm valve is based on GMP specification to reduce the dead Angle and improve the process flow of sanitary production equipment. Welding combined diaphragm valve can be made very simple single valve and pipe combination, can also make it very complicated, different size of the valve body welding together trip valve group of various valves. All forms of welding interfaces can be made into solder composite diaphragm valves. Each welded composite diaphragm valve has strict quality control. Each weld on the valve is polished according to the inside surface of the valve to ensure the internal surface quality of the valve.

Rules of D

D – the rule is a rule that reflects the dead Angle based on the relationship between size B and D described by ASME BPE standard. The rule defines a very useful principle that describes the maximum dead Angle that is allowed between interconnected parts of the plumbing system. The dead corner stone is reflected by the absolute value of B or the ratio of B/D.
The ratio of B/D should be converted between 2:1 and 5:1 depending on the combination of the size of the body and the size of the valve body. If the value has been specified and the solder combined diaphragm valve cannot meet this requirement, the multi-channel valve can be used to solve this problem.


· Completely empty function
· Dead Angle minimization
· Compact design, save installation space
· Reduction point
· The integrated welding combination is convenient for site installation and reduce site workload

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