UPVC plastic Manual diaphragm valve

ize: 1/2″ – 10″ (15mm – 250mm)
Diaphragm Material : EPDM,EPDM+PTFE
Pressure supply: 5.5bar
Pneumatic Actuator: Double acting,Single acting
Ends: Flange

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    The UPVC Plastic Manual Diaphragm Valve is an essential component designed for effective flow control, So and on/off service in a wide range of applications. But From water treatment processes to handling corrosive mediums, So this valve showcases outstanding versatility and reliability.

    1. Material Excellence: The UPVC construction of the diaphragm valve ensures superior resistance to corrosion and chemical attack, And making it suitable for use in harsh environments where other materials might fail.  So Its strength and rigidity also contribute to a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
    2. Size Range: Available in sizes ranging from 1/2″ to 10″ (15mm – 250mm), So the valve can accommodate various pipe dimensions and flow requirements, So providing flexibility in system design and retrofitting.
    3. Diaphragm Material Options: With diaphragms available in EPDM and EPDM+PTFE, but users can select the material that best suits their specific medium’s chemical compatibility. But These options ensure a tight seal and reliable operation across a spectrum of temperatures and pressures.
    4. Manual Operation: The manual handwheel operation allows for precise control over flow rates, because offering tactile feedback to the operator. And This is particularly useful in applications where digital or automated control is not feasible or desired.
    5. Pressure Capability: And designed to withstand a supply pressure of up to 5.5bar, So the valve is robust enough to handle medium-pressure applications, But ensuring reliable performance under various operating conditions.

    Size: 1/2″ – 10″ (15mm – 250mm)
    Diaphragm Material : EPDM,EPDM+PTFE
    Pressure supply: 5.5bar
    Pneumatic Actuator: Double acting,Single acting
    Ends: Flange
    End connections:
    ASME B16.34 class 150、ASME B16.34 class 300
    DIN PN16、PN20
    JIS 10K、20K

    Pneumatic Actuator
    Control: Double acting,
    Single acting normally closed
    Single acting normally open
    Pneumatic accessories: Solenoid valve, limit switch box , filter, E/P positioner, hand wheel

    1. Which of the applications would you use a diaphragm valve for?

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Biotechnological Applications

    Water Supply Systems

    Food and Beverage Sector

    Slurries and Viscous Fluids Handling

    2. How to obtain drawings and technical data?

    Please leave your contact information on the website and our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible.

    And we would provide you with a quote and send relevant materials.

    3. How long is the delivery time?

    Delivery time depends on product quantity and product specifications. We have regular products in stock, and customized products will take about 20 days.

    4. How long is the warranty period?

    Usually our warranty period is 12 months after the customer receives the goods.

    5. What is the packing method and what are the shipping options?

    The packaging is made of plywood cases that meet export standards and filled with foam to cover valves to prevent collisions.

    Transportation methods are by sea, by air and by international express.