• Electric diaphragm valves are lined or coated with rubber for durability
    The inner cavity of the electric diaphragm valve shows no lining or coated rubber. These are two different designs, but because of different purposes, the selection criteria are different. For example, unlined products are suitable for use in non-corrosive media. The characteristics of corrosion resistance are very weak. If it must be used in corrosive medium conditions, it will affect the function and even cause danger. Therefore, this is the basic nature of the product, and the enterprise should use it according to the actual use situation. Comprehensive selection.
  • Electric Diaphragm Valve Unlined Design for Easier Use
    The inner surface of the electric diaphragm valve is unlined or coated with rubber, which are the two most important temperature-resistant design types at present. It also has obvious professional application characteristics in the actual use process. It can better play the role of no lining, and the operation is more convenient. .
  • The use effect of coated rubber for electric diaphragm valve is more diverse in temperature resistance standards
    The use of unlined or coated rubber on the inner surface of the electric diaphragm valve is very diverse, and the use of designs with different temperature resistance qualities, especially to better achieve different standards of temperature resistance, the use of coated rubber , also achieves a very precise purpose. With the process of development, progress and innovation, in the actual production practice with more and more professional characteristics, this new simple and practical electric diaphragm design has also reached a very refined high-end standard and has good adaptability characteristics.

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