The electric diaphragm valve is a simple valve device that drives the work through current. Its main feature is that it can divide the tool body into two valve cavities, the upper and lower valve chambers, and then it can play a lot of barrier effects. . Using this device in life can help manufacturers save a lot of materials for packing, and also save a large part of money. The price of electric diaphragm valve is affected by many factors, so there is no detailed statement for a long time. Let’s make a brief introduction for your reference.

Factor 1 that affects the price of electric diaphragm valves: The model is different, which is the most important factor. Different models lead to different materials for each electric diaphragm valve, and the effect produced during work will also be different. There are certain influences. For example, some devices are only suitable for simple liquid blocking, so the price will be relatively cheaper, and some devices will be used by manufacturers to block some corrosive liquids. Or some toxic chemical products. At this time, its price will be relatively much more expensive. There must be a large part of the difference between the imported electric diaphragm valve and the domestic one, which is actually reflected in the price.

The second factor affecting the price of electric diaphragm valves: power consumption, which is a unique feature of electric diaphragm valves. Because it uses electricity, there will be such a problem. Compared with diaphragm valves with low power consumption, it is necessary to It is a little more expensive, and it is still more cost-effective for factories that need to be used for a long time. Another necessary factor that affects this aspect is that the cities are different. There will definitely be a gap in price comparison between first-tier and second-tier cities.

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