1、Detailed information of the product [without hand-operated reciprocating pneumatic diaphragm valve]:

Product Name: Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve
Design and manufacturing: BS5156
Structure length: BS5156
Flange connection size: BS4504, DIN2532, JIS B2212, ANSI B16.1, ISO2004 EG641W unlined pneumatic diaphragm valve, EG641J rubber-lined pneumatic diaphragm valve

2. Purpose:

EG641F (MS) (unlined), EG641Fs (MS) (fluorine-lined) pneumatic diaphragm valve (reciprocating hand-operated type) is dedicated to control non-corrosive or general corrosive media. The inner cavity surface of the valve is unlined or covered with A variety of rubbers to choose from, suitable for different working temperatures and liquid pipelines. Applicable temperature: ≤85℃, ≤100℃, ≤120℃, ≤150℃ (according to lining and diaphragm material) Pressure rating: PN(MPa) 0.6 1.0 1.6

3. Material:

Valve body: cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Bonnet: cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Lining: no lining, rubber
Diaphragm: rubber
Disc: cast iron
Cylinder: aluminum alloy, carbon steel
Pneumatic membrane: rubber
Stem: carbon steel, stainless steel


Lining layer: electric spark detection
Test and inspection according to BS6755 standard
Nominal pressure: PN(MPa)
Valve body: PN×1.5
Sealing: PN×1.1

Parts list: 1. Valve body 2. Valve body lining 3. Diaphragm  4. Valve clack 5. Lower stem   6. Valve cover 7. Cylinder 8. Pneumatic film 9. Cylinder head

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