We all know that among the common types of diaphragm valves, according to the driving method, they can be divided into three types: electric, manual and pneumatic diaphragm valves. Different diaphragm valves have different advantages and operation methods. Today, we mainly introduce how to Operate the manual diaphragm valve.

How to operate a manual diaphragm valve, it is like the bottom wall of the valve body pushes the diaphragm. If we choose a throttled state, we need to manually rotate the manipulator to the flow position we require. This method of operation is similar to the principle of operation of a hose valve. If the valve is in the open and closed state, its pressure will reach the maximum, then its performance is the tightest sealing state. The characteristic of operating a manual diaphragm valve is that its flow of material is usually linear.

The opening and closing part of the manual diaphragm valve is a diaphragm made of soft material. Such a valve body is elastic. It is connected to the compression part with a bolt diaphragm, and then the valve rod is used to drive the compression part to move up and down. Moving, that is to say, the diaphragm will be raised when it rises, and the diaphragm will be pressed against the valve body when the compression part is lowered. The function of the diaphragm valve is to switch and throttle. Its advantage is that people can easily control the size of the flow manually, which means that it is more maneuverable. To explain, what we call a compressor is a valve part that does not come into contact with the medium. There is also what we call the handwheel mechanism, which is located in the bonnet and is bolted to the valve body. In addition, the function of the diaphragm itself is to act as a gasket between the valve cap and the valve body to adjust the flow rate. The diaphragm is elastic, the elasticity of the diaphragm allows it to move to the bottom position of the valve body, which is used to prevent leakage of flow to the atmosphere. The content here is how to operate the manual diaphragm valve, I hope it will be helpful to everyone’s smooth operation.

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