Pneumatic Sanitary Clamp Diaphragm Valve


Diaphragm valve is a sanitary diaphragm valve series, which is widely used in the sanitary wine, dairy, beverage and other food industries as well as in the pharmaceutical field under aseptic working conditions to realize the control of pipeline fluid and open/close tasks.

Working principle:

The diaphragm valve is normally closed. At this time, the diaphragm is close to the inner cavity of the valve body, and the pipeline fluid leads to the path of the closure. When the diaphragm valve needs to be cleaned or opened, the valve stem is driven upward by manually rotating the hand wheel or driving the pneumatic control actuator, and the spherical diaphragm will bend upward, so that the valve stroke can be turned on, and the cleaning can be achieved. And the purpose of opening. The diaphragm separates the inner cavity of the lower valve body and the inner cavity of the upper valve cover, so that the valve stem, valve core and other parts located on the upper part of the diaphragm are not corroded by the medium, and the packing seal structure is omitted, and no medium leakage occurs. Optimized valve body design allows the cleaning fluid to be completely drained without stagnation.

Main material

NO. Name Material
1 Body 316L
2 Bonnet 304
3 Diaphragm EPDM+PTFE
4 Disc 304
5 Cylinder Aluminum alloy
6 Piston Aluminum alloy
7 Stem Stainless steel 304/45#
8 Connection method Fast loading

Shape controltable

DN L D d B C
15 108 50.4 16 110 195
20 108 50.4 16 110 195
25 128 50.4 22 110 210
32 150 50.4 29 140 230
40 180 50.4 35 140 240
50 200 64 48 170 290
65 215 78 62 190 340
80 243 106 86 225 370

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