Pneumatic diaphragm valves are widely used in dust removal systems and have excellent performance. The dust removal system is a very common system in power plants and chemical enterprises, and its importance is very high. If the dust removal system is not used properly, it may cause the dust concentration to exceed the standard, and it may explode when certain conditions are met, causing significant economic and personal losses. . Therefore, the factory attaches great importance to the dust removal system, not only the selection of materials is very strict, but also the control requirements are also very strict. The dust removal system needs to be very safe, so it is necessary to use as little or no use of potentially dangerous substances as possible. The application of electricity should also control the application of strong electricity, and only the application of weak electricity. Therefore, the driving device of the valve must not be electric, but the valve cannot meet the operation requirements of dust removal. Therefore, the pneumatic diaphragm valve pneumatic valve is the best choice for dust removal. A sufficient source of gas to use as a control.

The application of pneumatic diaphragm valve in dust removal system has gained a foothold. After years of application, it has been proved that people’s choice is correct. The application effect of this valve body in dust removal system is very stable, and the valve body can not only be used as the interception of gas pipeline At the same time, the valve body can also be used as a shut-off device for the dust conveying medium, and the shut-off effect is still very superior.

The maintenance of the application effect of the pneumatic diaphragm valve in the dust removal system requires maintenance work. The general environment in the dust removal system is relatively harsh, and some environments have a lot of dust and high temperature, which are unfavorable environments. Therefore, the valve body will not only age, so it must be Regularly carry out rust removal and other work.

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