Sanitary diaphragm valve

Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve is composed of two parts: sanitary diaphragm valve and pneumatic actuator. It uses compressed air as power to regulate the flow of fluid medium in process pipeline. Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve is a sterile diaphragm valve can be remotely operated by a pneumatic head, can also be manually operated by a handle. Very suitable for pipe fluid control and on/off tasks. In recent years, there has been a marked improvement in the quality and purity of food and drugs.

The strict system and relaxed environment of the sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve plays an important role in them. The advent of the sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve makes processing cleaner today than it was 40 years ago. The valve is widely used in sanitary wine, dairy, beverage and other food industry and aseptic conditions of the pharmaceutical field.

Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve is also used in semiconductor, microelectronics industry of ultra-pure media, such as: high purity chemicals. Different types of valves can be used for: ultra-pure water (water for injection), ultra-pure chemicals, biopharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industry finished products, semi-finished products. The high-tech design makes the valve both sanitary and durable. Sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve has good controllability.