Diaphragm valve main parts selection mode:

Diaphragm valve parts of a lot of materials, including a variety of different grades of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, a variety of non-metallic materials. The materials used to manufacture diaphragm valve parts should selecte according to the following factors:
1. Working conditions (pressure, temperature and characteristics of the working medium).
2, The force of the part and the role played in the diaphragm valve structure.
3. It has good manufacturability.
4. In the case of meeting the above conditions, there should a lower cost.
Body, cover and disc (disc) material. Body, cover and disc is one of the main parts of the diaphragm valve. Directly under medium pressure, the material used must comply with the “diaphragm valve pressure and temperature grade” provisions.

Diaphragm valve installation and use what are the points:

(1) Before installation, the diaphragm valve should carefully check whether the operating conditions of the pipeline are consistent with the prescribed range of use of the valve. And the inner chamber should clean to prevent dirt from blocking or damaging the sealing parts.
(2) The rubber lining layer and the surface of the rubber diaphragm should not paint with grease to prevent rubber swelling and affect the service life of the diaphragm valve.
(3)Hand wheel or transmission mechanism is not allow to be used for lifting, and is strictly prohibited to collision.
(4) Manual operation of diaphragm valve, shall not be aided by auxiliary lever, in order to prevent excessive torque and damage to the driving parts or sealing parts.
(5)Diaphragm valve should store in a dry and ventilated room, no stacking, the two ends of the inventory diaphragm valve channel must seal, and the opening and closing parts should be in a micro open state.