I believe that those who have used electric diaphragm valves know that electric diaphragm valves are divided into many types, and the models are also different, so the characteristics of the products will have different effects. Now the first is the name of the product, mainly there are electric diaphragm valves and rubber-lined electric diaphragm valves. However, the general design and manufacturing method are the same, and the overall length of the structure and the size of the flange connection are basically the same. Then the list of main components is composed of the valve body, the lining of the valve body, the diaphragm, the valve disc, the valve cover and the electric head. This is the minimum detailed introduction of the electric diaphragm valve.

The detailed introduction of the electric diaphragm valve is mainly useful, that is, what is it mainly used for? In fact, it is very simple. The main purpose is to use the electric diaphragm valve to control some non-corrosive or generally corrosive media. There is no lining on the surface of the inner cavity of the valve body or it is covered with a variety of rubbers that can be selected, that is to say, it is more suitable for liquid pipelines under different working temperatures. There is also the choice of suitable temperature, but this is mainly based on the material of some linings or diaphragms, to select the temperature. There is the pressure level, these are very important introductions and choices.

There is also the main material used for the electric diaphragm valve. In fact, the materials used for each component and the materials selected are different. Then separately. The first is the material of the valve body, mainly composed of cast iron, some stainless steel and carbon steel. Next is the valve cover, which is almost the same material as the valve body. There is also the diaphragm, which is mainly made of rubber. These are the details of the electric diaphragm valve.

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