The electric diaphragm valve actually appeared in the 1920s. The following is an introduction to the electric diaphragm valve. First of all, it is a relatively special valve, that is, another form of valve, that is, a shut-off valve. Its starting and closing are made of a relatively soft diaphragm, that is to say, the inner cavity of the cavity, the inner cavity of the valve cover, and some driving components are separated, so the It is called an electric diaphragm valve. After knowing what an electric diaphragm valve is, it is necessary to have some understanding of its working principle. There is also the characteristic of electric diaphragm valve.

In fact, when it comes to the introduction of the electric diaphragm valve, we have to talk about the characteristics of the electric diaphragm valve. The most prominent one is that the diaphragm can separate the inner cavity of the lower part of the valve body and the partition valve of the upper part of the inner cavity, that is to say The material of the parts is different. In fact, there are still some features, that is, the diaphragm is made of softer materials such as rubber or plastic, so the sealing performance will be better, and because the diaphragm is very easy to damage, it must be To choose the appropriate medium. In some different occasions, the temperature and air pressure that need to be selected are different, this is because the material of the diaphragm is limited.

The introduction of the electric diaphragm valve also includes the classification of the structure of the diaphragm valve. In fact, it is divided into many types. There are six main types, namely the DC type, the house type, the straight-through type and the stop type, as well as the gate type and Right-angle type of these six. But these six are divided into different categories. Flange connection is the main connection method. It should be noted that the electric diaphragm valve is generally not suitable for use in the environment where the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius or under the pipeline.

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