Pneumatic diaphragm valve by the body, diaphragm and valve cover three parts, the structure is very simple. And its operation only through the compressed air can realize the control and regulation of the valve’s working state and running speed. During the whole operation, the material is only in contact with the diaphragm in the valve body. And the contact with other parts is effectively separated by the diaphragm. Therefore, the use of diaphragm valve conveying some sensitive materials will play a very good effect.

Pneumatic diaphragm valve for conveying bulk materials, especially not easy to flow of materials, diaphragm valve advantage is more significant. Due to the thick, paste materials in bulk in the process of transportation is generally poor liquidity. It is easy to plug the pipeline, the pipeline will produce large friction and other problems. Therefore, when conveying this kind of material, the control of the valve body selection is particularly important. Although the ordinary butterfly valve, ball valve is often used to transport bulk materials, but when the material fluidity is poor. The wall hanging, blockage and can not be effectively closed, the production may therefore come to a halt.

Using diaphragm valve can basically due the occurrence of the above phenomenon, greatly reduce the negative impact caused by the uncertainty of production, so as to effectively control and run the whole system.