Working principle of vacuum diaphragm valves:

Vacuum diaphragm valve is the use of valve stem rubber film directly pressed on the seat, used to cut off or through the vacuum system. The connection forms include looper flange connection, quick discharge flange connection and welding connection. Welding type connection is divided into welding type I connection [that is, both ends are welded], welding type II connection [that is, one end is welded, the other end is inserted]. The valve is suitable for the working medium of air and non-corrosive gas.

Vacuum diaphragm valve features:

1. Compact structure, simple, small size, beautiful appearance;

2. The switch has guidance and smooth movement;

3. Small closing torque, long service life,≥ 30,000 times;

4. Diaphragm pressing can be automatically adjusted, pressure uniform, reliable sealing;

5. The diaphragm is loaded into the valve core by pushing type, easy to replace;

Vacuum diaphragm valve uses: used in vacuum, dairy products, wine, bioengineering, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics and chemical industry.