What is the special purpose of the valve application? This is not a fixed concept, but a relative range. It is also different from the general globe valve. The special purpose is mainly reflected in the actual production and application practice, showing a stronger professional At the same time, it has strong professional advantages and characteristics in the practice of continuous innovation and development. Therefore, the safety standards for special purposes in valve applications are the highest. For example, valves in pressure vessels such as boilers must not only have anti-corrosion functions, but also have explosion-proof requirements.

Explosion-proof valve products in valve applications are also widely used. In the practice of transportation and storage management of some chemical raw materials and gaseous media, high safety standards are required, and explosion-proof valves in safety standards are also important. core accessories. The safety standards for special purposes in valve applications have high requirements, which is also one of the more representative contents, with strong practicability and strong professionalism. In the production of valves, material selection and functional design have high standards and are also market-oriented. individual needs.

Among the valve uses, many uses such as drain valve, pressure reducing valve, and air release valve are special uses, which will be used in different special environmental conditions and play a good role in a specific function. Another special function valve is the check valve, which can prevent the backflow of the medium and ensure the smooth flow in one direction. This situation has strong professional characteristics in the actual application process, and also in the actual operation process. Strong professional quality. The special-purpose safety standards in valve applications are the highest and are of general significance when it comes to these different valve products.

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