The maintenance of the rubber-lined diaphragm valve is actually very simple. Because the diaphragm valve itself contains plastic, it should be placed in a dry place when it is placed. It is best to keep it in a ventilated state. Do not leave it in a humid place for a long time. In this case, a lot of germs will breed, and the safety and sanitation of the diaphragm valve will be seriously reduced.

If it is not used for a long time, the diaphragm valve should be kept slightly open. In this way, it will help reduce the growth of bacteria. When installing the diaphragm valve, the eyes use a hard object to hit the diaphragm valve, because this may cause the diaphragm valve to leak, so that the isolation will not cut the bottom, and the leaking diaphragm valve is useless , Is not up to standard.

When using for a certain period of time, the diaphragm valve must be cleaned regularly, because this can extend the use time of the diaphragm valve. The use method of the rubber-lined diaphragm valve requires careful attention, so as to ensure its safety and efficiency. Standard for diaphragm valves.

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