I believe that many people who work in the factory will know that no matter what kind of machine it is, it has its scope of use. At the same time, in order to regulate the use of the machine, many companies will formulate corresponding rules, and when workers put into work, a The necessary condition is to memorize these rules. Also for the use of pneumatic diaphragm valves, there are some aspects to pay attention to.

First, the diaphragm must be replaced regularly. We know that although the airtightness of the film made of plastic or rubber is very good, it also has a disadvantage that it is very easy to be damaged, so when using it, it must be checked regularly and replaced. And when using, the temperature must be controlled, and the suitable working temperature of each type of machine is different, so you must be very careful in this regard. Finally, the pneumatic diaphragm valve is not suitable for working under high pressure, so we must have a general understanding and control of the working environment.

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