In many industrial production practices, valve products will be used, among which different media such as liquid and gas will be applied to valve products in every link of actual production, storage and transportation, and finished product management. However, according to the difference of the medium itself, there are also great differences in the actual application effect and usability characteristics. For example, the general oily medium requires sealing and corrosion resistance, and even explosion-proof properties. The liquid medium requires stronger practicability.

Industrial production is a complex system. The various special environments where valves are applied also play a decisive role. The understanding of valve-related knowledge also has different pertinent characteristics for various application companies. To give full play to the service role of the valve, for valve production, it also has stronger targeted characteristics, especially to better meet the needs of different environmental conditions, and to provide the best quality valve products for more application enterprises, Innovative design, from material to function, has a very important meaning and function, and is a very positive and important direction of production development.

As the selection of valve products in industrial production practice, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental characteristics, medium characteristics, and functional characteristics in combination with actual production, so as to make the valve function better, and also in the actual use process, it can show A more perfect application effect, combined with the actual comprehensive selection and comparison, can ultimately achieve the goal of better adapting to the development needs, which is the most realistic selection standard. Of course, the current valve market is rich and various, so it is convenient to choose suitable products.

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