I believe that many people will be confused when they hear this name, because they don’t know anything about this thing, but in fact, it is still widely used in life. Industries like our medicine, food, construction and other industries need to use this machine, so it can be said that it is essential. So let’s take a look at what is a sanitary diaphragm valve.

First of all, there are generally two operating modes of this kind of machine, one is to operate directly by hand, referred to as manual device, and the other is to use remote control through the driving device. However, like general large-scale food processing companies will use drive devices to control, which is the charm of technology. For example, it is a device that vacuumizes food through plastic film. For example, the vacuum packaging of our milk and the packaging of some foods require sanitary diaphragm valves. Vacuum treatment of food can not only maintain the freshness of food, but also prolong the shelf life of food and reduce food waste.

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