• Pneumatic diaphragm valve design high level of hygiene
    The valve body of the pneumatic diaphragm valve has high safety and hygiene standards. It must be seen from the design premise that it can be fully bloomed. It is the high level of design, the strength of production, and the most important factor that can improve product adaptability. features. The use of the product is determined from the design, and the direction of production is determined from the level of design. Therefore, the quality of the product is good and the product is practical. The important basic work of design has a very important role and significance, and once it blooms, the hygienic standard is also higher.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm valve body does not require welding, so there is no source of contamination
    The valve body of the pneumatic diaphragm valve has high safety and hygiene standards. The one-shot design is emphasized here. Because the metal one-shot design does not require welding on the main body, there are no seams, so it is fundamentally reduced. The possibility of being polluted, the pneumatic valve itself has the basic function of anti-pollution, so when used in various industries, this product has become many enterprises with high hygiene level requirements, the best practicability choose.
  • Pneumatic diaphragm valve power selection criteria are more convenient to use
    Pneumatic diaphragm valve body has high safety and hygiene standards for one-time molding, and another important feature is the basic power characteristics of pneumatics, which can make it easier to get good power use effects and reduce the need for manual operation by personnel. Pneumatic itself has It is very convenient and user-friendly. Now, according to the needs of different application companies, various related designs of electric or automatic can be added. Its comprehensive practical characteristics are also very perfect and practical.

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