In different valve types, different valve types have different functional uses, that is to say, the valve uses are many and not the same, and in the actual use process, there are also large functional differences. The valve has a wide range of uses and the functional difference is obvious. Here we can illustrate it with an example. For example, the stop valve and the check valve have very obvious functional differences, so they are completely different in the actual application process. Each link of design and production embodies the characteristics of speciality, and they all have different professional uses in terms of specific functional limitations.

Valves are classified very carefully, especially in the special operating environment of pressure vessels such as boilers, they have strong professional quality, according to the actual product application characteristics, in line with actual production needs, and also in the practice of constantly developing product positioning It has strong professional characteristics and is suitable for different specific environments, specific functional needs, and rich product types. It also plays a very helpful role in playing different uses in practical applications, especially valves are widely used. The obvious functional difference also illustrates this truth.

Valve use The direct function design of different products of the valve has a close relationship, that is to say, different functional requirements have different use standards, and there are big differences in each link of actual installation, production and design application. For example, the sewage valve is generally used in the actual use of the pressure vessel, and the simple shut-off valve is to play the role of a simple shut-off. , the overall function and use also achieve good results.

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