Details of pneumatic diaphragm valve with manual adjustment/sanitary pneumatic diaphragm valve with manual:

Name: Sanitary Diaphragm Valve
Specification: DN15~DN80
1. Product certification: ISO9001, CE, CCC
2. Valve body material: 316/316L
3. Drive type: pneumatic control (normally open, normally closed, double-acting) with manual
4. Maximum working temperature: 150℃
5. Ambient temperature: -10℃~60℃
6. Maximum working pressure: 10bar
7. Drive mode: manual/manual
8. Sealing material: Teflon, nitrile butadiene non-toxic rubber
9. Applicable medium: EPDM-steam, PTFE-water, water, medicines, oil, steam, neutral gas or liquid, dairy products, organic solvents, acid and alkali solvents, etc.
10. Widely used: the characteristics and selection of sanitary diaphragm valves in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals, beer, beverages, biological engineering, water treatment, daily chemicals, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, etc. (1) Small fluid resistance. (2) It can be used for the medium containing hard suspended solids; since the medium only contacts the valve body and the diaphragm, there is no need for stuffing box, there is no problem of stuffing box leakage, and there is no possibility of corrosion to the valve stem. (3) Suitable for corrosive, viscous, and slurry media. (4) Cannot be used in high pressure occasions.

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