WCB Pneumatic diaphragm valve

The valve does not require a separate valve stem packing seal structure. The diaphragm plays a role of sealing the valve stem while cutting off the medium. The second is that the flexible diaphragm can be closed reliably, and even the dirty liquid can be cut off well.

Main material

NO. Name Material
1 Body Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
2 Bonnel Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
3 Lining Lining with rubber or fluorine
4 Diaphragm F46+EPDM, Rubber
5 Disc Cast iron, carbon stee
6 Cylinder Aluminum alloy
7 Pislon Aluminum alloy
8 Stem Stainless steel304/45#
9 Way of connection Flange

Shape control table

DN L D D1 n-φd 1 H φA
150 460/406 285 240 8—22 3 830 370
200 570/521 340 295 8—22 4 880 490

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