The standard of valve body is 1.4435/316L stainless steel, which conforms to ASME BPE standard and EN10204 test certificate 3.1 requirement/material inspection report.All body parts are printed with a steel plate, which can be used to trace the characteristics of the body material and its physical composition.
The interior profile of the valve body is specially designed to meet the requirements of GMP specifications. The best self-cleaning capacity has no dead zone design.The remaining space of residual fluid was eliminated and the service life of the diaphragm was improved.

Classificatiorof the body Interface size Manufacturing process
Two-way valve body 10 ~80 mm / 3/8 ~ 3″
10 ~ 80 mm /3/8 ~3″
Multi-channel valve body 20 ~65 mm /3/4 ~2″ The whole steel machining
Tank bottom valve 20 ~65 mm /3/4 ~2″ Forging

Casting the body

Casting stainless steel body is made of die casting, and with the shape of the final valve body, the wax would can produce the same products.By immersing the body wax film in the ceramic, the entire body wax film surface is covered with a solid ceramic. Dissolve the body wax in the ceramic cavity, then inject the melted stainless steel solution. After cooling,knock of the coated ceramic, and the blank body will be finished.The casting body size is very accurate and the outer surface is quite smooth and tidy.In order to obtain high quality casting, the mold of the product is specially designed and handled optimally.Considering the material structure and density problem,the valve body of POV is required by the detailed test data, which is strictly inspected to ensure the high reliability of the product quality.

Chemical composition, main elements, standard manufacturing

1.4435 316L ASME BPE
Element Wt.% Wt.%
C(max) 0.030 0.035
Cr 17.00~19.00 16.00~18.00
Mn(max) 2.000 2.000
Mo 2.50~3.00 2.00~3.00
Ni 12.50~15.00 10.00~15.00
P(max) 0.045 0.045
Si(max) 1.000 1.000
S(max) 0.030
S(max) 0.005~0.017

Pipeline interface standards

The following table is: the diameter difference of the stainless steel pipe of different international standard sanitary grade with the example of DN25.

ISO 1127 DIN 11850 DIN selection series ASTM269/ASTMBPE(DIN 11866 series C) BS O.D4825 SMS3008 JIS G3447
Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
DIN 11866  series B DIN 11866  series A

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