Details of sanitary T-type three-way diaphragm valve:

Maximum working pressure: 6 kg (Diaphragm is Ethylene Propylene rubber or Fluorinated rubber or Fluorinated rubber) 4 kg (diaphragm is PTFE) Maximum operating temperature: 150°C (according to operating conditions ) Diaphragm material: EPDM\PTFE; EPDM Valve body material: 316L Connection mode: welding, cassette, flange, thread Specification: DN25-DN50 Standard: ISO; DIN is a wide-ranging diaphragm product, suitable for pharmaceuticals and biological , Dairy, beverages are fluid control systems for chemical, cosmetics, food, electronics and other fluid-related industries. Its advantages are that there are no dead ends, no leakage, easy cleaning, low maintenance costs, easy operation and many other advantages, which can realize automatic control. And manual control, to provide good products for reducing the operating costs of enterprises.

Features: 1. The opening and closing parts of the elastic seal, and the valve body sealing weir groove adopts an arc design structure to ensure that there is no internal leakage;
2. The streamlined flow channel reduces the resistance;
3. The valve body and the cover are separated by the intermediate diaphragm, so that the valve cover, valve stem and other parts above the diaphragm are not corroded by the medium;
4. The diaphragm can be replaced and the maintenance cost is low;
5. A variety of surface polishing techniques, no dead ends, no residues in the normal position.
6. The structure is compact, suitable for small spaces.
7. The diaphragm meets the safety standards set by the FDA and UPS and other authorities for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Advantages: It can be installed in any position, the flow direction of the medium does not affect the opening and closing of the valve body. The spherical weir groove sealing structure can prolong the service life of the diaphragm. All the current clamping and welding industrial standard diaphragms are in line with FDA and UPS and other authorities. Application of safety standards stipulated by the agency for the pharmaceutical and food industries: fermentation tanks, preparation tanks, filling machines, freeze drying equipment, sterile filters, water production equipment, PW, WFI conveying and dispensing sterile ultrafiltration machines, sterile fluids Transportation and CIP, SIP and other pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fluid equipment, cosmetics, wine, light chemical industry, etc.

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