The main valve locates different welding combination

1) GMP valve
GMP valve (abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practice) is mainly used in high purity water or other distribution system with water point vertical pipe, which can effectively reduce the dead Angle of pipeline. There are two types of valves designed by GMP: one is the zero Angle valve with a 90-degree Angle bend, and the other is the zero Angle valve connected to the valve. In the valve phase connection, one of the valves is placed horizontally and maintains a certain self-discharge Angle, and the other does not have a bacterial breeding or process cross infection sampling port. For this type of structure, whether the main valve or the L valve or the outlet, the maximum size of the unit is DN80 (3 ‘).
2) SAP valve
SAP valve (the abbreviation of Sterile Access Port) is mainly used in horizontal piping system, including the main valve is in horizontal, and maintain the emptying of Angle, via hole in the main valve of the lowest waterway discharge point. The SAP structure can be a combination of main and partial valves, as well as a combination of valve and vertical or horizontal valves. For this kind of structure, whether the main valve or the channel valve or the branch, its maximum size can reach DN80 (3 ‘).
Here are some possible SAP connectivity structures:

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