The processing technology

The valve body adopts CNC precision machining, which ensures the anastomosis of the sealing surface of the valve cavity and the curve of the diaphragm, reduces the friction of the diaphragm and extends the use of the diaphragm.The surface polishing of the valve cavity can be machined or electropolishedaccording to the customer’s requirements.The polishing degree can bereached 0.25 u m.

The diaphragm

Typical diaphragm method for screw fixation, and opening a fixed form contrast, this way of fixed spread stressed area to bolt the whole on the surface, this is to prevent damage to the diaphragm vacuum conditions mechanical link.

Soft elastic material diaphragm

Soft elastic material of diaphragm for those fibers, solid particles, the working medium of pollution such as catalytic material will not produce the sensitive reaction, in general also won’t affect the valve working and sealing.Depending on the temperature of work or disinfection, and the chemical properties of the working medium, different materials can be selected.

The optimal installation Angle ofdiaphragm valve

The aseptic diaphragm valve is recommended for 15-30 Angle(according to different specifications) according to its structural characteristics. lt is helpful for the valve to be completely excreted after cleaning, not to cause the liquid to stay inside the valve.

The material selection

Due to the different working conditions to choose different types of valves and material, before choosing body and diaphragm, must analyze the application of each product, especially for the use of chemical medicine, and high temperature caused by the chemical reaction.Through effectve chemical data orexpert certification, it can be tested to ensure the safety and long-term effectiveness of the product.

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