The diaphragm is the most important part of the diaphragm valve

The diaphragm is the only part of the body that is directly exposed to the working medium except for the valve body.Diaphragm valves are separated from the working medium by the diaphragm by the actuator and the external air. In addition, diaphragm is also a moving part, and diaphragm valve is controlled by the upper and lower movement of the diaphragm to achieve the control and cutting of the working medium flow.The POV diaphragm has been developed and tested for many years according to the test standard and the strict test specifications of the third party.These tests are as close as possible to the actual conditions of the site, and to conduct continuous tests under different specifications.For example, testing the diaphragm plate with an automated saturated vapor closed-loop system is one of them.The results of the test have a great influence on the shape design, the composition of the material, the body design, the actuator design, and the assembly of the addition to the size of MA10 diaphragm is to rely on elastic rubber button directly connected with the valve actuator, the rest is all types of diaphragm by embedding the inside of a stainless steel studs connected to valve executive structure.All sizes are of the same type of material diaphragm having the same actuator, and can be replaced with each other without changing the pressure block and stem of the valve.Different sizes of valves have the same size of diaphragm, which can reduce the stock of spare parts.

Size of the diaphragm MA25-50

MA* 25 40 50 80
A 46 65 78 114
B 54 70 82 127

*The size of the diaphragm

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