G41C Weir Enamel Diaphragm Valve

Product description:

Design and manufacturing: GB12239
Structure length: GB12221, JB1688
Flange connection size: GB4216, JB78


This valve is specially used for opening and closing in general corrosive medium pipelines whose working temperature is ≤100℃.


Lining layer: electric spark detection
Test and inspection according to GB/T13927 standard
Nominal pressure: PN (MPa)
Valve body: PN×1.5
Sealing: PN×1.1

Structural features:

1. The enamel surface is very smooth and has the characteristics of isolating metal ions
2. Has good wear resistance and electrical insulation

Parts list:

1. Valve body 2. Valve body lining 3. Diaphragm 4. Disc 5. Valve stem 6. Valve cover 7. Handwheel

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