Indeed, in this era, the application of electrical appliances has spread all over the world, but one common point of electrical appliances is that they require electrical energy. If there is no power supply, electrical appliances will always be a cold machine, worthless waste, and the same. The reason is that the electric diaphragm valve is the same, it needs a lot of electricity to make it run, so the diaphragm valve without electricity has no effect.

There is also a diaphragm valve that uses electrical energy. They have a common shortcoming, that is, there is a certain probability that there will be leakage. Once the leakage occurs, not only will the machinery be damaged, but also the life of the nearby will be dangerous, so the leakage problem is a problem. More serious problem.


Another thing is that if the electric diaphragm valve is in a place where the voltage is unstable, the mechanical damage will be more obvious. The jumping voltage will cause the electric circuit board to burn out. In most cases, if the circuit board burns out, the entire machine It is about to be scrapped, so this kind of diaphragm valve still has certain shortcomings.

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