The rubber-lined diaphragm valve looks more like a manual diaphragm valve, and it is also a kind of traditional diaphragm valve with a relatively long history. Its use is also relatively simple, and the scope of work is water, oil, and gas. Can isolate a lot of media. The switch of this kind of valve is very simple, and the operation of opening and closing can be completed by manual operation, there is no difficulty at all.

The operating temperature range of rubber-lined diaphragm valves is lower than that of ordinary diaphragm valves, down to minus 30 degrees and up to one hundred and fifty degrees. It is made of a material that is resistant to low temperature and high temperature, so if To isolate a medium with a relatively high temperature or a relatively low temperature, you can choose the above-mentioned diaphragm valve. Not only this, but also its safety is very high, and the flow rate is large, and a large amount of liquid can be isolated at one time, so there is no need to worry Low production speed.

As for the price of rubber-lined diaphragm valves, there is not much difference between the price of manual diaphragm valves and may be a bit more expensive, but the application range of this kind of diaphragm valves is relatively wide.

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