Pneumatic diaphragm valve
Malerial Code Suilable
Fluorinaled elhylene propylene FEP、F46 ≤150℃ Various concentrations of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, as well as aqua regia, nitric acid, various organic acids, strong bases, strong oxidants or alternating concentrated dilute acids, alternating acids and bases, a variety of organic solvents and removal of molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine And other strong corrosive media besides aromatic monsters.
Polychlorotri fluoroethylene FCTFE、F3 ≤120℃
Polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF、F12 ≤120℃
Tetrafluoroethylene&ethylene copolymer TFE/E、F40 ≤120℃
Perlluoroalkoxy PFA ≤180℃
Reinforced polypropylene RPP ≤100℃ Except for concentrated nitric acid, fuming nitric acid, chlorosulfonic acid and strong oxidants, most organic acids, inorganic acids, inorganic solvents, etc.
Polyolefin ≤100℃ It is suitable for the transportation of corrosive gas, liquid, solid-liquid slurry and other fluid media. It has good corrosion resistance to hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, alkali and salt solutions, anti-static, non-toxic
Castiron, unlined ≤100℃ Non-corrosive medium
Stainless steel, unlined ≤150℃ General corrosive medium
Butyl rubber (Grade B) IIR ≤120℃ Except for >75% sulfuric acid, >20% hydrochloric acid, <60% hydrofluoric acid, >85 phosphoric acid, caustic alkali and various esters.
Natural rubber (Q grade) NR ≤850℃ Purify water, inorganic salts, dilute inorganic acids, etc.
Elhy lene-pro pylene-diene ney hylene.
EPDM ≤120℃ It has similar acid and alkali resistance to natural rubber, and has excellent performance when used in low-pressure steam, hot water and cold water.
Chloroprene rubber CR ≤85℃ Resistant to acids, alkalis, oils and non-polar solvents. Abrasion resistance is better than natural rubber.
Nilrile. Buna-N NBR ≤85℃ It is resistant to oil and abrasion, and its acid resistance is similar to natural rubber.
Hypalon CSPE ≤120℃ It has excellent ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidant resistance and a variety of chemicals, flame resistance and heat resistance, but it is not resistant to petroleum and aromatics.
Fluoroelaslomer, vilon FKM ≤150℃ It has corrosion resistance similar to fluoroplastics, extremely stable in concentrated acid and strong oxidation, and stable in organic solvents and alkaline solutions.
Silicone rubber SI ≤200℃ High temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good abrasion resistance, resistant to corrosion by dilute acid, dilute alkali, salt, water, and not resistant to petroleum products such as gasoline and kerosene.


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