Sanitary diaphragm valve is used in biopharmaceutical, food, industry. And electric power, chemical, electroplating, etc in industrial water treatment, has been used in the semiconductor wafer production. Diaphragm valve is particularly applicable to transport corrosive, a viscous fluid, such as mud, food, medicines, woven d glue liquid and so on. Due to the pipeline, diaphragm valve operating agencies. It is not exposed to the delivery of fluid. The reason is not contaminated, also do not need to packing. Stem packing is also unlikely to leak.

Sanitary diaphragm valve features:

Diaphragm valve itself structure design is particularly suitable for ultrapure medium or serious pollution. Very viscous liquid, gas, corrosive or inert medium. When combined with control equipment, diaphragm valves can replace other traditional control systems. Especially for solid and easily contaminated inert media.