The structure characteristics:

1. The diaphragm made of soft seal such as rubber or plastic has good sealing performance. As the diaphragm is a wearing part, it should be replaced regularly according to the characteristics of the medium.

2, limited by diaphragm material, diaphragm valve is suitable for low pressure and temperature is relatively low occasions.

3, diaphragm valve according to the structure form can be divided into: house type, straight flow, cut-off type, straight through type, gate type and right Angle type six; The connection form is usually flange connection; According to the driving mode, it can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic three kinds, among which the pneumatic drive is divided into normally open, normally closed and reciprocating three kinds.

4. Generally, it is not suitable for pipes with temperature higher than 60 degrees and conveying organic solvents and strong oxidizing media, and it is not suitable for pipes with high pressure. Diaphragm valve is in 1.3×10-5 ~ 2.5x106PA fluid system used to open or cut off the flow of the valve.

The performance parameters:

Leakage rate: ≤1.3×10-5Pa. L/S;

Material: 304, 316L;

Working medium: gas, water, oil;

Operating temperature: fluorine rubber -30℃ ~ +150℃;