The volume of the pneumatic diaphragm valve is relatively large, it is generally used for the operation of large-scale machinery, and its characteristic is that some important parts will not be corroded. This design can make the machinery use for a long time. In this case, it is relatively The price/performance ratio is relatively high. Therefore, consumers who use this kind of diaphragm valve do not have to worry about replacing the machine in a short time.

This kind of diaphragm valve can use the selected temperature to determine what to be separated, because different media can have different states in different environments, and the diaphragm valve described above can use this method to The unnecessary medium is removed to achieve the purpose of purification.

In addition, the pneumatic diaphragm valve can also use the method of adjusting different pressures to isolate unwanted media. For different air pressures, the movement speed of the molecules is different. The higher the pressure, the faster the movement speed of the molecules, and the greater the collision energy. High, so to achieve the purpose of temperature rise, the effect of reducing pressure and increasing pressure is just the opposite, but the principle is similar to the principle of temperature change.

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