CPVC Diaphragm Valve

The plastic diaphragm valve is closed and opened by the pressure from the line on the reinforced rubber diaphragm. When the pressure medium enters the valve control chamber, the diaphragm is pressed down and the valve channel is closed. When the pressure of the control chamber is discharged to the atmosphere or downstream pipe, the diaphragm rises and the valve channel is opened. The valve has no stem, gasket, directional seat, etc., the most moving part in the channel is the diaphragm. So there is no corrosion and lock phenomenon, with higher stability. Various structure forms and control forms, can be applied to a variety of fluid control needs.

Plastic diaphragm valve for what range?

Plastic diaphragm valve due to the structure of a corrosion resistant body and corrosion resistant diaphragm, no filler box structure, throttling element for the elastic diaphragm, body flow smooth, plastic diaphragm valve has small negative force, large flow, no leakage and convenient and reliable, fire and explosion-proof advantages, It is widely used in industrial automation system for flow regulation of strong acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion, high viscosity, containing glume, with fiber and toxic and not enough pollution medium.