Welding pneumatic diaphragm valve has any characteristics:

(1) Low fluid resistance.

(2) Can be used in the medium containing hard suspended matter. Because the medium is only in contact with the valve body and diaphragm, so no stuffing box, no stuffing box leakage problem, no corrosion on the stem part.

(3) Suitable for corrosive, viscous, serous media.

(4) Can not be used for high pressure occasions.

How to install and maintain welding pneumatic diaphragm valve?

(1) Before installing the welding pneumatic diaphragm valve, carefully check whether the operating conditions of the pipeline are consistent with the specified range of use of the valve. And clean the inner cavity to prevent dirt from blocking or damaging the sealing parts.

(2) Rubber lining layer and rubber diaphragm surface do not brush grease items, to prevent rubber swelling, affect the service life of the diaphragm valve.

(3) Handwheel or transmission mechanism is not allowed to be used for lifting. And collision is strictly prohibited.

(4) Manual operation of diaphragm valve, do not use the auxiliary lever, in order to prevent excessive torque and damage to the driving parts or sealing parts.

(5) The diaphragm valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room. It is strictly prohibited to stack, the two ends of the inventory diaphragm valve channel must be sealed. And the opening and closing parts should be in the micro open state.