Diaphragm valve applicable occasions:

Diaphragm valve is a special form of truncated valve, the opening and closing parts are a piece of diaphragm made of soft material, it will be the body cavity and the valve cover cavity separated.
Due to the limitations of the body lining process and diaphragm manufacturing process, the larger body lining and larger diaphragm manufacturing process are difficult, so the diaphragm valve should not be used for larger diameter, generally used in ≤DN200 pipeline.
Due to the diaphragm material limit, diaphragm valve is suitable for low pressure and temperature is not high occasions. Generally do not exceed 180℃. Because diaphragm valve has good anti-corrosion performance, it is generally used in corrosive media devices and pipelines. Because the diaphragm valve temperature applicable medium is limited by the lining material and diaphragm material of the diaphragm valve body.

Diaphragm valve features:

(1) Low fluid resistance.
(2) can be used for medium containing hard suspended matter. Because the medium is only in contact wth the body and diaphragm. There is no filler box, no filler box leakage, and no corrosion to the stem part.
(3) suitable for corrosive, viscous, slurry media.
(4) can not be used in high pressure occasions.