Pneumatic diaphragm valve, although the function and use method are better, but everything has its shortcomings. This kind of diaphragm valve also has several fatal shortcomings. Once you do not pay attention to this shortcoming, safety accidents will occur. It may cause uncontrollable consequences.

For this type of diaphragm valve, although it is possible to select different temperatures to isolate unwanted media, the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees, because if it exceeds 60 degrees, the capacity of the diaphragm valve will reach the limit. The consequences of explosion may occur. Not only cannot the medium be properly isolated, but also the staff can be injured.

Pressure issues. Regarding the method of adjusting different pressures to isolate the medium, the pressure issue must also be paid attention to, because if the pressure is relatively high, the energy in the diaphragm valve body will become higher. Once the pressure exceeds the capacity of the pneumatic diaphragm valve, the diaphragm The valve will explode due to the huge air pressure, and the consequences are hard to imagine, so you must pay attention to safety when using it.

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