Pneumatic diaphragm valve as a truncation valve, its appearance can play a very effective isolation role, so as to improve the overall utilization rate, reduce the corrosive damage caused by the internal parts away from the medium, is currently a product valued by many industries. In the process of daily maintenance, master scientific and effective methods to learn, for the diaphragm valve service life to be extended.

Maintenance method one: stored in a cool and dry place.

To know that for pneumatic diaphragm valve, it needs to be placed in a ventilated dry place, so that it can improve the ventilation of the product itself, reduce the interference by external factors, resulting in increased corrosion problems.

Maintenance method two: regular dirt cleaning.

Although the pneumatic diaphragm valve in cleanliness is very high, but long-term use will inevitably produce dirt retention. Therefore, the best way can be the inner wall of the diaphragm valve for anti-rust oil smear, so that cleaning dirt and anti-rust oil smear, to ensure that the cleanliness of the surface is more standard, so that the quality of use has been comprehensively improved.
Pneumatic diaphragm valve in peacetime specific maintenance ways in the master, daily can be in accordance with the above recommended methods to try, I believe that the protection of the product itself has played a positive role in promoting.