Pay attention to aspect 1: whether the sealing surface is damaged.

From the current specific situation to focus on verification and analysis, the sealing surface part needs to be detailed and in-depth understanding, so as to ensure the upgrade of the quality of installation and use. From the current specific situation to be analyzed, considering these details to summarize, not only can improve the service life of the product itself, but also in the effect and quality has been further summarized, is worthy of recognition.

Note aspect two: whether the thread is worn.

In the long-term use of pneumatic diaphragm valve, the problem of thread wear will inevitably occur. The best thing to do is to check regularly. If something similar happens, it can be replaced in time to ensure that the daily operation of packing is carried out as scheduled. Observe whether there are signs of loosening, if there is a timely consolidation, to ensure the safety and robustness of the operation.