Product features

· Stainless steel case design
· Electric water-proof joint
· With a backlit LCD screen
· Quick start
· Rich add-ons

Application specification

Intelligent valve locator is designed for one-piece pneumatic valve, especially for Angle seat valve and diaphragm valve products. Its products can be divided into process control valve and proportional control valve. This product is easy to operate and rich in software functions. It can be operated easily through LCD panel and key. The product senses valve opening through position sensor and minimizes energy consumption.

Intelligent locator parameters

Material PC、PA、Stainless steel、Silicone rubber
Power DC 24V+/-10%
Signal input 0/4~20mA or 0~5/100
Set signal input impedance 0/4~20mA 240Ω 0~5/10V 21KΩ
Compressed air requirements The neutrall gas meets DIN ISO 8573-1
Granularity requirements Class 5(<40 um)
Particle density requirements Class 5(<10mg/m)
Condensation point requirements Class 3(<-20℃)
Grease concentration requirements Class 5(<25mg/m³)
Environment temperature —20~55℃
Gas interface Straight plug quick join inner diameter  φ8mm,6mm or 1/4”)
Electric quick coupling M13x1.0 Three stitches(Cable diameter φ5mm)
M17x1.0 Nine stitches(Cable diameter φ6mm)
M13x1.0 Four stitches(Cable diameter φ5mm)
Air pressure The minimum operating pressure of the actuator is 0.5 ~1bar, maximum no more than 7bar
Position sensor stroke/stem stroke 5~50mm
Installation Tends to be mounted at the top of the executor and is connected via M26 threads and actuators
Protection grade IP65 meet EN60529
Power consumption <5W

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